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Quale identità


Quale identità 30×30 – Tecnica mista e incisione su tela / Mixed on canvas Tiziano Bellomi (Verona) engraver, sculptor and painter was a pupil f the great master Nereo Tedeschi. In a later stage, he attended the engraver annual course “Traditional technique” and “Contemporary Graphic Art”, at International Graphic School of Venice, with the guide of Matilde Dolcetti, Greg Murr ...

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Artista 50×130 – Tecnica mista su tela / Mixed on canvas Theodora Dacula (Preveza-Grecia) ha studiato informatica e architettura in Grecia dove vive e lavora come designer. Pittrice e performer lavora nella realizzazione di opere di arte pubblica su commissione per enti pubblici e privati. I suoi lavori fanno parte di numerose collezioni.

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Carefree thoughts


Carefree thoughts 80×75 – Tecnica mista su tela / Mixed on canvas Stella Kukulaki /Creta) studied at Fine Arts Academy in Florence, she was trained in advertising graphic, painting, printmaking and photography. She holds a diploma in Italian Culture and  Language. She collaborates with public institutions and private in Italy and in Greece. Her works are part of public and ...

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Fragmentum 60×60 – Stampa su forex / Mixed on table Matilde Mule (Brindisi) lives and works in L’Aquila. The artistic research of Matilde is reflected in the sentence : “ The Beauty will save the world” (F. Dostojevskii). In fact the author is telling us: This sentence, written by Dostojevskii, has followed me throughout my artistic career. The love for ...

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Shadow 21×30 – Tecnica mistasu carta / Mixed on paper Mariva Zacharof (Atene) studied Art and Design in London. Later she specialized in the field of Cinema Art. She won various awards in Greece and America. She currently lives and works in Athens.

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Volto Santo


Volto Santo 60×40 – Stampa su forex / Printed on forex Leonardo Schiavone (Torino) works and lives in Turin. Photographer, but he works also in the music, theatre and video field finding the right connection with the photography art. He participated successfully in several exhibitions and collaborates with private and public institutions.

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Taxi driver


Taxi driver 60×80 acrilico e pastelli ad olio su tela / Mixed on canvas Davide Morina was born in Catania, Basilicata is his adoptive region. Anything can become art, whatever comes out of our inspiration, instinct, expression, love and obsession of getting rid of the weight to express ourselves. Communicating, learning or leaving an eternal sign, indelible. Art has no ...

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Città in bianco

1.Città in bianco 50x50 acrilico su tela 2008

Città in bianco 50×50 – Tecnica mista su tela / Mixed on canvas Cesare Cassone Castellaneta (TA), lives and works in Bari. Passionate of painting, over the high school, he made contact with some artists from Puglia. At the end of this period, the self- taught artist painted his first works, which show, as a dominant theme, the interpretation and ...

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Abbracciami ancora


Abbracciami ancora 30×40 – Incisione su lamina / Engraving plate – Beniamino Fabiano (Bari). The artist, in his work, transcends the boundaries of what is high technique at the service of artistic message and, through its play of light and shadow, of chiaroscuro, emphasizes the eternal relationship between consciousness and the unconscious, between instinct and rationality, alternating it the artist ...

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