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La Biennale Internazionale di arte multimediale WRO è il principale forum di arte attraverso i nuovi media in Polonia e una dei più importanti eventi in Europa di arte contemporanea.
Sin dal suo inizio nel 1989, WRO ha presentato forme d’arte utilizzando le nuove tecnologie per l’espressione artistica e per la comunicazione. La gamma di esibizioni e presentazioni che sono state realizzate per ciascuna Biennale del WRO si è caratterizzata in una vasta varietà di generi e forme, includendo video – arte, installazioni, concerti multimediali e performativi, lavori interattivi e progetti dalla forte connotazione sociale e multimediale.



Rhino Full Throttle, Kamerapferd, Fiction, 15 min., Germany Bruno is making his way through the city, searching for its soul. Driven by his curiosity, a challenging imagination and his wild reflection on reality, he is lifting the old dusty curtain on the city’s crusted perception. Bruno is collecting patterns, spaces and surfaces, showing us the city as we have never ...

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L’assistance Davide Guiraud, Anne Claire Jaulin,15 min., Fiction, France Isabelle is a physiotherapist. After work, she is involved in a completely different activity…

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Ziegenort Tomas Popakul, Ani, 19 min., Poland Fish Boy is a teenager facing the challenges of growing up. His problems are especially severe, as he is different from all others: He is half boy, half fish. His drama is set against the background of a seemingly idyllic fishing village, where is father wants to teach him how to become a ...

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Intus Gary Seghers, Fiction, 12 min., Belgium A man wake up suddenly, walled in a room. His only link with the outside : a defective phone. Faced with events that follow each other in this closed environment, the man comes face to himself and his past.

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Voice Over

Voice Over Martin Rosete, Fiction. 10 min., Spain I-won’t-tell-you-whose voice over guides us through three extreme situations which are actually the same. Will you survive?

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The Radar

The Radar Jan Rouller, Nicky Marbot, Fiction, 10 min., France How do you get photos out of a speed camera box? You certainly should not count on the help of Fender and Baguette, and even less on José, the Gypsy. As for the police, they’re busy dealing with… ravens!

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The hungry corpse

The hungry corpse Gergely Wootsih, Ani , 8 min. United Kingdom A short tale set in London’s bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square about an ancient, rather hungry Corpse and… a Pigeon. Voiced by Bill Nighy (‘Love Actually’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) and Stephen Mangan (‘Green Wing’) the film is a tale of companionship but also, a textural imprint of a dark, monochrome ...

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Black MulBerry

Black MulBerry Gabriel Rrazmadze, Fiction, 21 min.,  Georgia In the mining city of Chiatura (Georgia), two teenagers spend a day together, far from their respective lives.

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Bishtar az do saat

Bishtar az do saat Ali Asgari, Fiction, 15 min., Iran It’s 3 A.M. A boy and a girl are wandering in the city.they are looking for a hospital to cure the girl but it is much harder than they thought. Bishtar Az Do Saat (More Than Two Hours) – Trailer from Ali Asgari on Vimeo.

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Bajo la Almohada

Bajo la Almohada Isabel Herguera, Ani,8 min., Spain Animated documentary which uses the voices and drawings of a group of children who live in a clinic in India. The guitar, the dances, a trip out to sea, the cats Sweety and Kitty, and the sisters who look after them are just some of the treasures and dreams which the children ...

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