festin_660x366Wojtek Doroszul
· Festin, 2012, PL, 20:00 (Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Joseph Tang, Parins)

· The starting point for the film are
The work of the 17th – Century Flemish animal painters, including Frans Snyders, Jan and Ferdinand Van Kessel, as well as a Posthunab thought experiment, evoking a vision of the world in which the man disappears. The little Feast, during which these are intruders that occupy the space instead of the invited guest, the dilm becomes a filmic vanistas paintin, documenting the final moments of a gradually disintegrating existing order/status quo. A colourful study of destruction meets a moment where life just shyly annexes orphaned space, bringing to mind images of a the city spectrum defenseless against the passage of time.

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