Piece of paper

piece-of-paper_660x366Daniel Schwarz
· Piece of Paper, 2011, DE, 01:59

· A journey through a dystopic landscape, playing with creation, destruction and rebirth. Piece of paper was realized with a setup of triangle – cut paper sculptures, various pop – up sculptures and 490kg of soil. The only light comes from two video projectors reacting to Amon Tobin’s track “Piece of paper” in real-time through a software programmed in vvvv. The visuals – partly mapped to the sculptures, partly non – mapped are generative and based on algorithms, some nature footage shot in Italy and Croatia and, of course, the audio. By combining the precise thecnique of projection mapping with its contrary – unmodified two – dimensional images distorted by projection onto jagged physical objects – a sense of the dystopic and surreal is emphasized, enhancing the interplay between music and visuals.

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