Who we are

Allelammie Cultural Association, created in 1997, has become by now a landmark in the vast panorama of the Italian and international associationism. At the beginning it dealt with fighting the social degradation and the environmental damage by holding small entertaining activities and awareness campaigns about ecological subjects. From then on a gradual but constant growth has started and it made Allelammie one of the most active associations of the south of Italy. It has developed from organising small events to handling more ambitious projects: it hasn’t taken long to see the results. Culture has become an occasion for planning the future of our world; created enterprises and job opportunities; increased the value of the huge inexpressed potentials of the territory and raised the awareness of the material and inmaterial resources as regards to the productivity, those resources connected to the financial, political and administrative means used today; are the “secret” of an experience which has the taste of success but is still to be. The formation of resources, professional figures, personalities in the field of the music, the cinema, the new knowledges and the multimedia, represents the main goal that Allelammie wants to pursue in the future. The journey continues, or better still, it has just started. Come in, there’s space for everybody.