WRO@Lucania Film Festival

The WRO Art Center was opened in 2008 by the WRO Center for Media Art Foundation – an independent organization specializing in the areas where contemporary art and culture intersect with developing media. The WRO Art Center, which is supported by the Wrocław Municipal Authorities, is located in Wrocław (Poland) at ul. Widok 7 (the View St.), in a building that’s partly newly built and partly a renovated historical site: the first electric coffee-roasting plant in Europe – the Otto Stiebler Kaffee Rösterei – opened here in the 90s of the 19th century.
The WRO Art Center – features regular presentations of contemporary art intertwined with the development of communications tools and processes. Organizer of WRO – International Media Art Biennale (established in 1989).

Curator: Piotr Krajewski
Coordinator: Bartosz Konieczny

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