A sliver of future!

Artistic languages contaminated and contagious. Cultural code intentionally broken. Turn – over of sense. Disorientation. Omnivorous curiosity in our perception, naughty ecletic in planning projects: all these aspects make the Lucania Film Festival an ambitious combination of arts, moments and of genres. With the Cinema as the main core, and all its possible forms, the “Lucania” is an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and unruly Festival , which dispenses beauty and poetry and collects small – great stories from the world to make them universal. It screens love in the darkness and receives stardust. It is a festival of light. It is a photonic festival. It is an event more and more structured for one, ten, hundred sort of audience. Heterogeneous, contradictory. Often irreconcilable. Every year, from the age of fourteen, the LFF begins once again a new time that before there was not. Iconoclastic ideas, cultural heresies, continuous betrayal of tradition so as it does not seem a paradox, but it can look forward, always new, always alive. A sliver of future!

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