Official selection 2013

After watching about 1000 films from all over the world and after the accurate work of the preselection Committee the LFF 2013 is pleased to publish the list of international short films for the sections of “Fiction and Animation”, “Video art” and Next Future. Other Section feature Films and Kids School asap.

Sezione Lungometraggi

– Ai Wei Wei never sorry, Alison Klayman, Fiction, Usa
– Elena, Petra Costa, Fiction, Brasil

Fiction and animation

 The Radar, J. Rouller Nicky Marbot, Fiction, France
– Bishtar az do saat, Ali Asgari, Fiction, Iran
– Something will turn up, Thanos Psichogios, Fiction, Greece
– Ammore, Paolo Sassanelli, Fiction ,Italy
– Black MulBerry, Gabriel Rrazmadze, Fiction, Georgia
– Rhino, Full Throttle, Kamerapferd, Fiction, Germany
– Km, Christos Nikou, Fiction, Greece
– L’esecuzione, Enrcio Iannacone, Fiction,Italy
– L’assistente, Davide Guiraud, Anne Claire Jaulin, Fiction, France
– Intus, Gary Seghers, Fiction, Belgium
– Voice Over, Martin Rosete, Fiction, Spain
– Ziegenort, Tomas Popakul, Ani, Poland
– Sehen wir uns nicht in dieder welt, Daniel Hoepfner, Ani, Germany
– Mouth wide open, ears shut tight, Tom Madar, Emily Noy, Ani, Israel
– The hungry corpse, Gergely Wootsih, Ani, United Kingdom
– The walking food, Chang, Tung-Chun, Ani, Taiwan
– Oilman, Seyran Mahmudoglu, Azerbaijan, Doc-Fiction
– Bajo la Almohada, Isabel Herguera, Ani, Spain

Next Future

– Genesi, Donatella Altieri, Fiction, Italy
– Sisters, Marta Abad Blay, Fiction, Netherlands
– Matilde, Vito Palmieri, Fiction, Italy
– Corso Dante, Gianni Saponara, Fiction, Italy
– Emilio, Angelo Cretella, Fiction, Italy


Video art
WRO on tour screening program for Lucania Film Festival
curated by Piotr Krajewski
coordinated by Bartosz Konieczny

The WRO International Media Art Biennale is the major forum for new media art in Poland and one of the leading contemporary art events in Europe. since its inception.

In 1989, WRO has been presenting art forms created using new media for artistic expression and communication, the array of exhibitions and presentations that make up every WRO biennale feature awide variety of genres and forms, including video art, installations, multimedia concerts and performances, interactive works, net and social-media projects.

– Mihai Grecu + Thibault Gleize – Glucose, 2012, Ro/Fr, 7:18
– Provmyza – Galina Myznikova + Sergey Provorov – Eternity, 2012, Ru, 36:15
– Julia Kurek – Barbie’s American Dream, 2012 Pl,2:53
– Justyna Misiuk – Rgb Lookbook, 2013, Pl, 5:00
– Łukasz Prus-Niewiadomski – Taniec Bezwarunkowy / Dance Of Reflexes, 2012, Pl, 2:18
– Dobrosława Nowak – Swan, 2012, Pl, 1:12
– Jerzy Dobrzański – Polish And Cleaners, Pl, 2012, 2:53
– Agata Kus – Matka / Mother, 2012, Pl, 9:03
– Marcelo Zammenhoff + Maria Apoleika – Ukraiński Nawigator / Ukrainian Navigator, 2012, Pl, 17:30
– Zapruder – Nadia Ranocchi + David Zamagni – Rats Leave The Ship, 2012, It, 30:19
– Igor Krenz – Rerun, 2012, Pl, 20:30
– Wojtek Doroszuk – Festin, 2012, Pl, 20:00 (Of The Artist And Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris)
– Jarosław Kapuściński – United, 2013, Pl, 09:00
– Philipp Artus – Snail Trail, 2012, De, 3:50
– Nicky Assman – Solace, 2011, Nl, 7:05
– Masahiro Tsutani – Between Regularity An D Irregularity, 2012, Jp, 07:50
– Daniel Schwarz – Piece Of Paper, 2011, De, 02:59

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